Shashank Shekhar

CEO & Founder at Stoned Santa , an IIM-Bangalore incubated art startup.

Ricky Goswami

Co-Founder at Hybrid.Chat with 18+ years experience in Blockchains, AI, Big Data Solutions etc.

Chandan Raj

An Entrepreneur and Business Leader with over 12 years of experience in various roles.

Suraj Jana

An Alumni of BMSIT and Founder of OpenCube Labs.He also have worked at Rockstat Software Technologies

Vinayaka Babu

Has 18+ years of experience in the semiconductor industry involving End to End product development.

Nanda Tunga

An enthusiast who made sure all the participants were involved with everything.

Sunil Kumar

An Electronics engineer with 12 years of industry experience.

Darshan G C

He is a post graduate in marketing & systems with 16 years of industry experience.