Dr Rajesh Gopinath

B.E. (Env. Engg.) M.Tech. (Env. Engg.), MBA (HRM), PGD Env. Law, PhD, HOD


Teaching : 11
Research : 5
Industry : 2



  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Law
  • Multivariate Analysis & Statistical Modelling
  • Urban Ecology
  • Climate Sustainable Town-planning & Urban Climatology

Memberships in professional bodies

  • Indian Science Congress Association, India. M.I.S.C.A.(Life Membership)
  • Indian Society for Technical Education, India. M.I.S.T.E., (Life membership)
  • International Association of Engineers, Hong Kong. (Life Membership)
  • Indian Water Resources Society, India. M.I.W.R.S. (Life Membership)


  • Organizing Conferences, Workshops and FEP/FDP.
  • Wildlife Photography

Books Authored

  • Environmental Science and Engineering, CENGAGE, ISBN-13:978-93-87511-56-9

Invite Talks Delivered: 17

Workshops/FDPs/Conferences/Seminars/Internships attended

Details Date
International Conference on EMERGING AND SUSTAINABLE TRENDS IN CIVIL ENGINEERING, JNNCE, Shimoggha 28-09-2018
2nd International Conference on Waste Management, RECYCLE-2018, IIT Guwahati 23-02-2018
International Conference on Hydraulic and Environmental Systems (ICHES-2017) 23-03-2017

Courses Taught

  • Environmental Protection and Management [15CV662]
  • Environmental Impact Assessment [10CV847]
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment [10CV835]
  • Water Supply and Sanitation [14CT]
  • Environmental Engineering 1 [10/15CV61]
  • Environmental Engineering 2 [10/15CV71]
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab [10CVL45]
  • Environmental Engineering Lab [10CVL77]
  • Air Pollution and Control [10CV765, 15CV551]
  • Occupational Health and Safety (15CV564)

Study Materials / Notes / Courseware

Title Course Name Course Code
Air Pollution and Control Civil Engineering 10CV765
Management and Entrepreneurship Civil Engineering 10AL51
Environmental Engineering - I BE, CV 10CV61
EIA BE, CV 10CV847
Env Engg- II (Study Material) Env Engg- II ENV ENGG- II

Additional Responsibilities

  • Institution Level: Flora and Fauna Documentation of BMSIT&M Campus
  • Department Level: Staff and Student Internship Coordinator
  • Department Level: Extensive Survey Camp Officer- 2017, 2018
  • Department Level IQAC Coordinator
  • Institution Level: Key Liaision, OIKOS, Institute's Eco-Club
  • Department Level: Environmental Committee Coordinator
  • Institution level: Drafting of Framework for Swachcha Bharat Abhiyaan (for VTU)
  • Institution level: Deputy Placement Officer
  • i/c HoD [01-06-2018 onwards]


Journal Name Journal Type Volume Number Issue Number ISSN ISBN Paper Title
Stavebné a environmentálne inžinierstvo Slovak 13 2 1336-5835 REAL-TIME THERMAL MAPPING FOR HEAT & COOL ARCHIPELAGOS OF BENGALURU, INDIA
ANNALS of Faculty Engineering Hunedoara – International Journal of Engineering International 15 4 1584-2665 Development of Step-Wise Ranking for Indoor Plants as Indoor Air Pollutant Purifiers
Architecture and Engineering, Эл № ФС77-70026. Russian 2 3 2500-0055 A SITE-BASED PRACTICAL IMPROVISATION FOR THE ANALYTICAL DETERMINATION OF ASPECT RATIO, ", Volume 2, Issue 3, pp.11-20, 2017,
Vestnik Volgogradskogo gosudarstvennogo arhitekturno-stroitelnogo universiteta”. Series: “Stroitelstvo i Arhitectura” Russian 49 68 1815-4360 “Historical Trend Of Ambient Air Quality Indices At Key Observatories For Major Cities In Karnataka, India”
Bulletin of Civil Engineers, Univeristy of Saint-Petersburg, Russia International 60 1 1999-5571 Real-Time Noise-Violation Mapping from Road -Traffic Network for Entire Bangalore City
Journal of Indian Institute of Architects National 80 Issue 12 0019-4913 Climate sustainable New Township guidelines to curb Urban Heat Island Effect
Journal on Environmental Law Policy and Development National 3 ISSN 0019-4913 An Inferential Outlook On Role Of ‘Doctrine Of Public Trust’ In Safeguarding Environment, With Special Reference To Indian Judiciary
Scientific Israel - Technological Advantages International 17 1 ISSN 1565-1533 A Study on Strength And Physical Properties of Bituminous Concrete Grade-1 Mix, with E-Waste Ceramics As Replacement To Aggregates.


  • V.T.U. 7th Rank in B.E., 2003.
  • V.T.U. 2nd Rank in M.Tech., 2005.
  • Recipient of Founder Chairman Award for Academic Excellence, from MSRIT on 20th April 2006.
  • Best Oral Paper Presentation award in National Conference ‘RAESE’ at SIET (Tumkur), in 2009.
  • Best Oral Paper Presentation award in National Conference ‘Eco-Fest’ at Tamilnadu Agricultural University (Coimbatore), in 2009.
  • Best Final year B.E. Project Award (guided): “Real-Time Isohume Mapping for Cool And Warm Humidity Isles of Bengaluru City.”, in 2016 at Technosava (A.I.T.).
  • Best Final year B.E. Project Award (guided): “Development of Noise Map’s for Road-Traffic Network of Bengaluru”, in 2016 at Technosava (A.I.T.).
  • Best Final year B.E. Project Award (guided): “Assessing Change-Outcome & Impact Evaluation of Dabaspet-Sompura Area by R.E.I.A.”, in 2014 at Technosava (A.I.T.).
  • Best Final year B.E. Project Award (guided): “Urban Canyon Geometry and its Influence on the Intra-Urban Ambient Air Temperature Variations for Bangalore City”, in 2013 at Technosava (A.I.T.).
  • Best School Pupil Leader, 1998, awarded by K.V.H., Bangalore.
  • Best Air N.C.C. Cadet, 1995, awarded by K. V. H., Bangalore.
  • Best Essay, 1994, awarded by Society For Prevention Of Cruelty Towards Animals, Bangalore.
  • Best Alumni Award-2016, awarded by VVCE Alumni Association on 16/04/2016
  • Procured V.T.U. Research Funding under Research Grants Scheme for an amount equivalent to INR 9.03 Lakhs, in the capacity of co-investigator in 2009-10.
  • Doctoral Research honoured with "Most Contributing Research Outcome Award" for 2015-16, by Hiillgrove Research Pvt Ltd. on 26th May 2017.
  • 21 Citations
  • Recipient of Best Paper Award: “Clim-App” - An Android Based Application for Urban Heat Island Assessment, ICBCE, Coimbatore, 2017.
  • Recipient of “Young Scientist Award - Environmental Engineering”, International Conference on Biodiversity, Climate Change & Environmental Sciences, Coimbatore on 8-9 Sept 2017.
  • Guided Final Year project "Recycling of E-waste ceramics as fine aggregate in rigid pavements" was selected for presentation under "Young Innovators Pavilion" at Melting Pot 2020.
  • Recipient of “Young Faculty Award ”, 3rd South Asian Education Expo, Hyderabad on 18 March 2018.
  • Guided Final Year project "Recycling of E-waste ceramics as fine aggregate in rigid pavements" won 1st prize in Poster Presentation during Srishti 2017 organised by ABVP and SFD at RVCE from 26-28 May 2017.
  • Guided Final Year project "Estimation Of Natural Carbon Sequestration Potential Of Bengaluru’s Prominent Public And Private Green Spaces" won 3rd prize in Poster Presentation during Srishti 2017 organised by ABVP and SFD at RVCE from 26-28 May 2017.
  • Guided Final Year project "White Paper of a Business Enterprise for Manufacturing of Rigid Pavement with E-Waste Ceramics" won Consolation Prize in Poster Presentation during Srishti 2018 organised by ABVP and SFD at DSCE from 22-24 May 2018.
  • Proof-read "Handbook on E-waste Management" drafted by Commons Cells, NLSIU, Aug 2018
  • Incorporated as Honorary Advisor wrt Eco-Club Activities at "SEED, Lower Dibang, Arunachal Pradesh", 2018

Online/MOOC Courses Taken

Course Name Registration Details Completed
Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy Coursera, 2016 Yes
Muncipal Solid Waste Managemnt in Developing Countries Coursera, 2016 Yes
Introduction to Arctic Climate Univerity of Alberta, 2016 Yes
Cities and Climate Change United Nations, 2017 Yes
Human Health and Climate Change United Nations, 2017 Yes
Introductory e-Course on Climate Change United Nations, 2017 Yes
RED+ United Nations, 2017 Yes
Children and Climate Change United Nations, 2018 Yes
Gender and Environment United Nations, 2018 Yes