BSc MSc Ph.D, Professor

Phone:     Email: nggoudru@gmail.com


Teaching : 33
Research : 15



  • Computational Fluid Mechanics

Memberships in professional bodies

  • ISTE


  • Computer Science and Engineering

Invite Talks Delivered: 2

Workshops/Conferences/Seminars conducted

  • Bio-Fluid dynamics -
  • Remote Sensing and GIS Applications -
  • Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS), C-DAC, Pune -
  • Industry Oriented Software Engineering ???organized by Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientif -
  • Rational Software Product- Rational suit, organized at Micro Academy ( I ) Private Limited, Bangalor -
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate -
  • Data Science -
  • Network Simulation using NS-3 -

Additional Responsibilities

  • Head of the Department of MCA, SIT, Tumkur
  • Professor, Head of the Department of MCA, BMSIT, Bangalore
  • Dean of CSE
  • Chief-Wardon, BMSIT Group of Hostels
  • Chief-Edito, MANTHAN 2008
  • Test Co-Ordinator
  • Co-Ordinator for Faculty Feed-Back by Students
  • Utsaha Co-Ordinator
  • Students Mentor
  • Proctor
  • Chief - Officer of Parents Relation Centre
  • Co-Ordinator of Disciplinary Committee


Journal Name Journal Type Volume Number Issue Number ISSN ISBN Paper Title
Bulletin of pure and applied Sciences national 4 3 Nil MHD Unsteady couette flow of couple stress fluid through dusty media
Research Journal national 1 1 Nil Heat Transfer for the Viscoelastic boundary layer flow past a stretchi
International Journal of Science & Engineering Research (IJSER) international 5 1 2229-5518 Performance analysis of TCP in an IP network using fluid flow models
Research Journal national 2 1 Nil Unsteady poiseuille flow of couple stress fluid through dusty media


  • Nil