Mr. Madhu.M.C

BE M Tech (PhD) , Assistant Professor

Phone: 8105572970     Email:


Teaching : 13
Research : 2
Industry : 4



  • Thermal Engineering, Renewable energy
  • Solar Energy

Memberships in professional bodies

  • [MISTE]
  • The Combustion Institute [CIIS]
  • Institute of Standards Engineers


  • Computer skills
  • solid edge

Books Authored

  • Elements of Mechanical Engineering

Workshops/Conferences/Seminars conducted

  • Five day day workshop on Numerical simulation of thermal Applications conducted - Jan, 2017

Workshops/FDPs/Conferences/Seminars/Internships attended

Details Date
Virtual labs 21-08-2017
Techniques for charachterization of materials 20-06-2017
Internship at Growell CNC ,Bangalore 28-12-2016

Courses Taught

  • Fluid mechanics
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Non Conventional energy sources

Additional Responsibilities

  • Coordinator for Technical Seminar ( VIII Semester)
  • Served as Transport Officer from 2015 to 2016
  • Coordinator of AERO club
  • Heat and mass transfer lab coordinator
  • Tech Transform event coordinator
  • Internal Marks coordinator for department
  • VTU answer booklets delivery -Institution responsibility
  • Industry visit -Institution coordinator
  • MSME coordinator
  • IPR Department Coordinator


Journal Name Journal Type Volume Number Issue Number ISSN ISBN Paper Title
IJMPRED Scopus Indexed 8 4 Performance of solar heating with trackers


  • Patent titled compressorless solar refrigerator
  • An article on heat pipe appeared in April 2014 in a daily newspaper

Papers Presented In Conferences

Conference Name Conference Type Place Conference Date Days Paper Title
ICRRET International Reva University 26-02-2019 02 Passive solar heating

Online/MOOC Courses Taken

Course Name Registration Details Completed
Waste to energy conversion NPTEL-IIT Roorkee (Regd for 5th Feb 2018) Yes
Laws of Thermodynamics NPTEL-2019 Yes
Non conventional energy sources NPTEL-2019 Yes