Mr. Kiran M D

BE ME, (Ph.D) , Assistant Professor

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Teaching : 8

Kiran m d


  • Machine Design

Memberships in professional bodies

  • Indian Society for Technical Education
  • Tribology Society of India


  • Solid edge

Workshops/Conferences/Seminars conducted

  • Automotive Electronics and Industrial Automation - Jun, 2018
  • One day workshop on Virtual Lab - Dec, 2016
  • Six Days FDP on Design aspects of Fatigue and Fracture in Structures - Jan, 2016

Workshops/FDPs/Conferences/Seminars/Internships attended

Details Date
Design Innovation Workshop and Interface (DIWI-2018) 19-11-2018
Design of Machine Elements 02-07-2018
Advances in Composites and Smart Materials ACSM-2017 31-07-2017
Hands on Training in composites preform formation techniques and its Characterization 08-06-2017
Numerical Simulation of Thermal applications 24-01-2017
Virtual Lab 12-08-2016
Computer Aided Engineering Analysis 05-01-2016

Additional Responsibilities

  • Research centre co-ordinator
  • PG Co-ordinator
  • CIPRAC co-ordinator


Journal Name Journal Type Volume Number Issue Number ISSN ISBN Paper Title
Advances in Polymer Composites: Mechanics, Characterization and Applications International Journal 2057 1 2057, 020002-1–020002-5 Evaluation of fracture toughness of epoxynickel coated carbon fiber composites with Al2O3 nano filler
ScienceDirect, Materials Today: Proceedings International Journal 5 10 2214-7853 Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Polymer Composites with Alumina, Titanium dioxide and Silicon Carbide Fillers
ScienceDirect, Materials Today: Proceedings International Journal 5 10 2214-7853 Review-Effect of Fillers on Mechanical Properties of Polymer Matrix Composites
International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) International Journal 5 9 2321–2705 Modelling and Analysis of Off-Road Rally Vehicle using Adams Car
Advanced Science, Engineering and Medicine. International Journal 10 3 2164-6627/2018/10/001/004 Fatigue Behavior of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites


  • Qualified in GATE-2008

Online/MOOC Courses Taken

Course Name Registration Details Completed
Manufacturing of Composites NPTEL Yes