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Dr. K Suresh Kumar

Assistant Professor


Qualification : Bachelor of Science ,, Master of Science,

Teaching Experience : 2 | Research Experience : 12

Memberships in Professional Bodies
Invited Talks Delivered : ---

Workshops Attended
  • UGC sponsered seminar on “Human Rights and Values in Education ” organised by S.S.M.R.V. college, 4 th T block Jayanagar,Bangalore-560041
  • The National Symposium on Electrochemical Science & Technology (NSET-2007), conducted by the Electrochemical Society of India at The ChoksiHall,Indian Insttitute of Science,Bangalore.
  • The Lecture Work shop programme sponsered by Science Academies of India and organised by post graduate department of Chemistry,V.V.Puram college of Science , K.R. Road, Bengaluru.
  • one day workshop on Accelerating Research Discovery and Innovation organized in collaboration with Thomson Reuters held at Bangalore University, Bangalore.
  • One day seminar on ``Recent trends in Biological and Health Sciences ” held at Dr.C.D.Sagar auditorium, Dayananda Sagar University, Bengaluru-560078, India on 16th November -2017
  • National conference on Advances and Innovations in Biotechnology, at School of Basic and Applied Sciences, C.D.Sagar Auditorium, Dayananda Sagar University, Bengauru-560078.
  • National conference on Frontier ares in chemicalbiology (NACFCB -2019) at School of Basic and Applied Sciences, C.D.Sagar Auditorium, Dayananda Sagar University, Bengauru-560078.

Additional Responsibilities

Journal Name Journal Type Volume Number Issue Number ISSN ISBN Paper Title
Materials Chemistry and Physics International 229 A new polyoxometalate/ /rGO/Pani composite modified electrode for electrochemical sensing of nitrite and its application to food and environmental samples
Environmental Progress and Sustainble Energy International A novel mixed matrix membrane of phenolphthalein hydrazide and polysulfone for the detection of copper ions in environmental water samples
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering International 6 2 Covalent modification of graphitic carbon through in-situ diazonium ion formation and its reduction: A robust pellet electrode as a novel electrochemical interface for divalent lead quantification
Biotechnology Advances International 36 2 Biomolecule-embedded metal-organic frameworks as an innovative sensing platform
Coordination Chemistry Reviews International 357 Metal-organic framework composites as electrocatalysts for electrochemical sensing applications
Biosensors and Bioelectronics International 95 Nanomaterial-based electrochemical sensors for arsenic - A review
RSC Advances International 6 47 Synthesis of porphyrin sensitizers with thiazole group as an efficient π spacer: Potential application of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
Journal of Alloys and Compounds International 671 Synthesis, exploration of energy storage and electrochemical sensing properties of hematite nanoparticles
Analytical Methods International 7 8 Eelectrochemical detection and photochemical detoxification of hexavalent chromium based on Ag doped TiO2 nano arrays
Journal of Brazilian Chemical Society International 26 8 1678-4790 Non enzymatic amperometric determination of glucose by CuOnano belt graphene composite modified glassy carbon electrode
Electro analysis International 28 3 Ag Doped Titanium Dioxide Nanocomposite‐modified Glassy Carbon Electrode as Electrochemical Interface for Catechol Sensing
Journal of Experimental Nanoscience International 10 18 Ionic liquid assisted hydrothermal method synthesis of Li - doped TiO2 for electrochemical sensing of dopamine
International Journal of Electrochemical Science International 9 8 Synthesis of Nickel Nitroprusside Coordination Nanoparticles by Simple Means: Its Characterization and Use as Electrochemical Sensor for Sulfide Estimation in Sewage and Water Samples
Analytical. Methods International 6 21 Simultaneous trace-levels determination of Zn(II), Cu (II), Cd (II) Pb (II) and Hg (II) ions in various water samples using a L-cysteine functionalized reduced graphene oxide modified glassy carbon electrode
Journal of Luminescence Journal of Luminascence 146 A new rhodamine B based fluorometric chemodosimeter for Cu2+ ion in aqueous and cellular media
Journal of Fluorescence International 23 4 Bioimaging of Peroxy nitrite in MCF-7 Cells by A New Fluorescent Probe Rhodamine B Phenyl Hydrazide
Journal of Spectroscopy International 2013 2,7-Dichlorofluorescein hydrzideas a New Fluorescent Probe for Mercury Quantification: Application to Industrial Effluents and Polluted Water Samples
The Scientific World Journal IInternational 2012 Trace Level Arsenic Quantification through Cloud Point Extraction: Application to Biological and Environmental Samples
American Journal of Analytical Chemistry International 3 7 Trace Level Arsenic Quantification through Methyl Red Bromination
Analytical Methods International 3 3 Micellar mediated trace level mercury quantification through the rhodamine B hydrazide spirolactam ring opening process

Conference Name Venue Date Paper Title


Books Authored
  • Prashanth Shivappa Adarakatti and Suresh Kumar Kempahanumakkagari, Modified electrodes for sensing, Electrochemistry, Volume-15,2019,ISBN:978-1-78801-583-7