Alumni meet 2018

The BMSIT&M Alumni Association conducted the Annual Alumni Meet 2018 on Saturday, 27th January 2018. It was open to all alumni from the first batch onwards. Around 200 alumni were present for the Annual Alumni Meet. The meet commenced at 2PM with 2 events: 1. Alumni Cricket Match: A cricket match between the staff and alumni was held as a fun activity and to make alumni relive their college days through sports, the team was fairly divided with alumnus from various batches and this team played against a staff team 2. A Quiz competition was organised as a battle of the wits between alumni teams. Over 10 teams competed in the quiz, which featured 2 segments - a re-run of a quiz held at BMIST during Utsaha 2006 - to bring back memories, and a second general quiz was held. Post these two events the alumni gathered in the amphitheatre where they were served high tea, and registration of the alumnus present was conducted. The Alumni Meet was inaugurated by the Alumnus of various departments. Sri. K. Jairaj IAS (Retd), Chairman, BOG BMSIT&M, Dr. Mohan Babu. G. N, Principal BMSIT&M, Dr. Annamma Abraham, Vice Principal, BMSIT&M and Dr. K. M. Sathish Kumar, Secretary, BMSIT&M Alumni Association, The HODs of all the Departments, Faculties and students were present for the event. Sri. K. Jairaj IAS (Retd), Chairman, BOG BMSIT&M in his speech extended hearty welcome to the Alumnus present for the event. He emphasized that the Alumni should come forward in helping the current students. He stressed upon providing Internships, Good projects of Technical & societal relevance, Placement activities and asked the Alumnus to help in this regard. He shared the NBA and NAAC accreditation and NIRF ranking the Institute has obtained in the recent time. Post the speech by Chairman, the alumnus were treated to a feature show of “Cosmic Splash Art Show” by Mr. Vinay Hedge. The feature was well received by the alumnus, as the 60 minute long show captivated their imagination. Post this event, Principal felicitated the Alumnus graduated in the year 2010. Principal Dr. Mohan Babu. G. N, gave good speech to which the alumni listened with rapt attention. He also explained the role of Alumnus in the growth of the Almamater. He shared the best practices following in the Institute. He urged the alumni members to help the current students and asked to mentor the students to make them to understand the know how of the industry practices. He shared with the alumni the triple achievements the Institute has achieved namely the NBA accreditation to 5 programmes, NAAC accreditation with ‘A’ grade and NIRF 95th all India Ranking and thanked the Alumni for their support. The Chairman, then held a meeting with few alumni representing all batches, and the proceedings of the meeting are listed below: Chairman, BOG, BMSIT&M welcomed the Alumnus for the interaction meeting. Chairman stressed on alumni assisting the institute with Placements, Internships and Teaching - special supplements to add value to the students education. Also he requested Alumni to interact with the current students to make them aware of the industry practices, expectations and standards. Members present discussed on how the institute and alumnus can work together to mutually grow. Highlights of the discussion are listed below  Focus on teaching / skilling students on new and in-vogue technologies such as python, Data Analytics, Machine Learning  Mr. Sashank expressed that the engineering students should be trained to industry ambitions and Develop students to become new world "Techno-Managers"  Focus on assisting students in setting up their own venture, and how the college can provide assistance  Principal laid out the idea of a common panel of experts to assist startups of both students and alumnus. Also explained about the launching of 25 hrs Skill Development open course for the students of BMSIT&M.  The idea of setting up an automation lab in electronics was discussed  Mr. Karan Bhandari suggested innovative methods to showcase student talent through – GitHub. Also, he suggested that all the students to have a video resume (employers seek them rather than they seeking their employers), Project showcase page, YouTube page and a Radio station to be started and operated by the students.  Alumni mentorship program was explained to all alumni present  Discussion on CoE, and focussing on core engineering placements  Vice Principal asked the alumni to interact with the current batch of students to make them industry aware and help them become more industry ready.  Secretary, Alumni Association explained the activities of alumni association and invited the Alumni to come on Saturdays to interact with the students/departments in various capacities (teaching, seminar etc) so as to bridge the gap between Industry and Institution.  Joint Secretary, Alumni Association explained about the social media presence and seeks the help of Alumni to strengthen it further. This Alumni Meet was an informal event. The Alumnus was engaged in the games. Many of the alumnus participated in the games like Pong 3, spoon feeding and Separation anxiety to name a few. Alumnus enjoyed the games. The meet was concluded with a dinner served to all Alumni. We would like to thank, the Honourable Trustees BMS Educational Trust, Sri. K. Jairaj IAS (Retd), Chairman, BOG BMSIT&M, and Dr. Mohan Babu. G. N, Principal, for their help and support.


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