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We here at BMSIT&M provide a opportunity with rich benefits to the students helping them learn and accrue from using laboratory activities. Practical applications of class taught principles infuse in students an understanding that just cannot be achieved through mere book learning.

Civil Engineering

  • The civil lab comprises of the Surveying Lab which provides students with state-of- the-art instruments for accurate measurements. It implements modern instruments like the Electronic Total Station which costs about 4.5 Lakhs each. They also provide students with handheld GPS and mobile GPS services. E-Surveying softwares have been installed costing 2 lakhs each. Digital Planning Meters which ease the calculation for the digital area measurements or topographical sheets and contour maps. Presence of 11 automatic levelling instruments with compensators for precise levelling.
  • The Material Testing Lab has facilities like Tile Testing Machine, Flexural Testing Machine and Motorised Sieve Shakers.
  • The CAD lab coddles to high computing facilities using Autodesk Software/STAAD.PRO for Structure Analytics and Designing. Autodesk is also used for drafting purposes of civil structures.
  • Hydraulics lab consists of ventury fumes and broad crested Weir apparatus, Bernoulli’s equation apparatus and the vertical orifice.
  • Geology Lab has 200 sets of minerals found all over the Earth’s crust including different ores, rocks of Metamorphic, Sedimentary and Igneous origin. There are tunnel models and models for folds and faults. The earthquake maps showing the different seismic zones.

Computer Science and Engineering/Information Science and Engineering

  • The computer lab is stocked with the latest of the latest i7 series computers. All computers come equipped with a Windows 8 campus wide license. Advanced Microprocessor lab equipments run on open source OS like Ubuntu. Network Simulators are also present.

Telecommunications Engineering

  • The Microcontroller lab possess workbench and octave softwares installed. The HDL lab has the Xilinx software along with DSP lab possessing Ubuntu and Fedora softwares. The DSP and Microcontroller labs have the provision of smart board facilities. The labs are provisioned with Digital CROs and Digital Signal Oscilloscopes.

Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • The ECE labs are feathered with VLSI lab which is a system on chip lab. The college has shelled out a ton of bucks for the HFSS software. The LabView and MATLAB labs are the latest in their field and are updated up to the modern market standards. Vycomp is another important implementation.

Mechanical Engineering

  • MoU- Memorandum of Understanding has a tie up with the Federal Mogul Bank supporting ECL. Its future implementations are to set up non-conventional energy systems which aim to serve as a centre of excellence in their field. They also support research in IC Engines and Automotive parts.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • EEE consists of High Voltage Lab which has the most sought after impulse generator. This lab consists of two 35KV cascade transformers through which 70KV of AC is obtained. It also possesses the COMSOL multi physics software in the simulation labs. There was also a recent addition of a set of series compound generators to the DC machine labs. The AEC lab has newly established modern digital oscilloscopes.