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OIKOS, the Eco-Club for BMSIT&M was conceptualized on 05th June 2016, the World Environment Day. The prime objective of this forum is to protect, preserve and balance our natural environment.

Guided by the Institution's Environmental Committee at BSMIT&M; our green forum has advisory members (scientists, naturalists, academicians & environmental activists) representing various NGO's, Industries, Forest Department, Natural Historical Societies, Academia and other stakeholders etc.

OIKOS vision is deeply rooted in "Environmental sustenance by constant dissemination of ecological and environmental knowledge to the society at large". Among several goals, our prime mission is "Imparting of informal and formal environmental awareness programmes by Keystone Students Environmental Education Training".

The ratified Bye-laws and potential list of activities of the eco-club has also been documented. As a part of the initiative, e-365 has been rolled out wherein every day an email is sent to all stakeholders/members that comprises of awareness aspects w.r.t. current affairs on a global scale. Also the documentation for the flora and fauna of BMSIT&M campus has been initiated by Dr Rajesh Gopinath, Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering.

The Core Committee comprise of the following members:

  • Patron: Dr B.S. Ragini Narayan, Member Secretary, BMSET
  • Chairman: Sri K. Jairaj, IAS (Retd.), Trustee, BMSET
  • President: Dr Mohan Babu GN ,Principal, BMSIT&M
  • Secretary: Sri Vijay Hashia ,Campus Manager, BMSIT&M
  • Chief Coordinator: Mr Venkatesh A, Dept. of MCA, Environmental Committee
  • Key Liaison: Dr Rajesh Gopinath ,Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering
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MOU Betweeen OIKOS, Eco-club of BMSIT&M with NLSIU

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One-day workshop jointly conducted by OIKOS and NLSIU

Eco Club Orientation PPT

Events 2018-19

Eco walk at avalahalli forest 03178ea7de8793fef7220fcc07131580de8cbfa40254fef17abdcb1d0eee65d6 Eco walk at avalahalli forest
Screening of env documentary one life d34b04b7980fcb7d7432e53adc92fe64dbbde49953e0a7588b2aa60369fd218f Screening of env documentary ONE LIFE.jpg
Mou of eco club with nlsiu fc896acbed8bd74a6cddb76bc805aa2673c9d861134bc7dfdd56d7d85590dc3c MoU of eco-club with NLSIU
Oikos students at 1 day workshop at bmssl on biodiversity law aa11c40acfa53cff943c43561cf17bf3850e5e08710ab39688e0d1ec09552f15 OIKOS students at 1 day workshop at BMSSL on Biodiversity Law
Awareness session   sustainable practices for dry waste management   oikos   23 mar 2018 a7d18f2f300513a202182c37c5d80338fca8bbcbf799a95c6de1b45431c8b40f Awareness Session - Sustainable practices for Dry waste Management - OIKOS - 23 Mar 2018


E-waste collection drive

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Shramdhaan in collaboration with NSS

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Oikos Outreach initiative

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