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Quizcraft is the official Quiz Club of BMS Institute of Technology and Management. The club has been in operation since 2014. The Quiz Club takes pride in being one of the most proactive and popular clubs among the student clubs of BMSIT&M. During its brief period of existence, the club has hosted several quizzes including the ones at UTSAHA 2015 and various other branch fests. The club is encompassed of 26 active members who love quizzing. The primary objective of Quizcraft is to establish itself as one of the finest college quizzing clubs in the city and cultivate a great quizzing panorama in the institute. Quizcraft is also active on social media with the page having over 500 followers on Facebook.

The club’s logo is a mariner’s compass – an instrument that signifies mankind’s spirit of exploring the unknown. Members of Quizcraft have actively represented BMSIT&M in various inter-collegiate quizzes winning several accolades. Dr. Usha B A and Prof. Vinutha K are the faculty coordinators of Quizcraft and have been a constant beacon of support to the club.