Utsaha, a proud techno-culture fest is a yearly, inter-college fest organized by the students of BMSIT&M. Starting off as a bud in the year 2004, this fest has only grown and become a larger endeavor with the passing of each year. It was initially an interdepartmental fest but is now a platform where various colleges from all over the state come together and take part in various events, upholding the spirit of the fest. Also due to the popularity of Utsaha, we have performers from all over the country whose performance is a treat to watch. We also have shows like those by popular death/thrash metal band “Inner Sanctum” and “Counter Plot Theory” which was organised by an alumnus, as a part of Utsaha 2015.

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Utsaha, is a joint effort of students and faculty members working towards the successful commencement of the events, which also gives a chance to the students to bring out the best of their management and organizing skills. This fest is a result of months of hard work wherein students themselves with their creativity create banners and decorate the entire campus to bring out festive mood. We also imbibe several various marketing techniques to publicize our event like flash mobs put together by students themselves to spread the essence of the fest across the campus. With the fest, we provide a platform to showcase the various talents and skills of students.Our on-stage events include dance, singing, skits, battle of bands, beat boxing, fashion show, street dance and many more. Participants are also zealous to take part in our off-stage events like coding, gaming, debates, mock stock, rangoli, treasure hunt, and various tech events like circuit debugging, quiz, film making, chess, photography and many more. We also have various events for sports enthusiasts like cycle race, basketball, volleyball, cricket, throw ball, table tennis and many more.

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We have also had the opportunity to have the presence of several personalities like our Honourable MLA Sri. Vishwanath, renowned cricketer Mr. K L Rahul, playback singer Ms. Chaitra H G and Sandalwood stars Mr. Diganth, Ms. Aindritha Ray and Mr. Srinagar Kitty.

In addition to college cultural fest, the respective departments organise techno-cultural fests as well.