Walkfree Foundation

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#WalkFree, movement has strived worldwide to create a better society for the future generation and also successfully prevented Modern Slavery in various nations. This Youth Movement was started in India way back in 2012, led by Ms. Kamini Rana and has got good response in various cities in India and in different Universities and Colleges. One such college is BMSIT. The students of this college are highly energetic and enthusiastic to bring forward a change in the present world.

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The Youth Leader for WalkFree Karnataka

Guess! what our college student BHARATH ADITYA is the youth leader of karnataka. And this person is leading the team with a great passion and enthusiasm. Many events are being covered under his leadership.

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Our team joining hands with IU e-magzine

Though primarily being a Youth Movement and an NGO, the exposure and experiences obtained through this platform is immense. An exposure to the outside world, meeting delegated personalities, individual growth, societal concern, positive outlook on aspects, platform for talents and arts… This list can go on. WalkFree has provided all these opportunities for its members through the events and skits conducted on its behalf in Bengaluru alone. It was him the reason why WALK FREE is alive in such a city known as Bengaluru, Bharath Aditya.

Every event conducted by a WalkFree Student team is completely and purely their own talent and efforts. It was too good for the youth's to explore their talent in a tremendous manner for a good cause, their performance was filled with passion and profession too. It was all started in a govt school with a great performance by JSS college and they narrated a great play. In the joy of first performance it was followed by Awareness camp by BMSIT college where they had a great response by mere school led by Bharath Aditya .With such success it was continued with a series of events which was impactful. Nidhi Goyal and Snehashree from BMSIT represented WalkFree at The World Merit Conference and also got the opportunity to meet Chris Arnold, the co-founder of the famous World Merit. Sindhu from Global Academy was finally able to give a motivational teaching session to school students. Abhinith Chinnappa from JSS Academy pulled off one the best events in India after learning through the WalkFree platform.

These instances are just a few examples on how well WalkFree members got benefitted by being a part of this giant. Of the eight events covered by WalkFree all over Bengaluru, BMSIT alone contributed two in MEC Public School. On Karnataka Rajyothsava, the BMSIT WalkFree team pulled off yet another brilliant event in their own campus, which created such an amazing impact.

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Our team members having a meet with Global merit leader. Chris Arnold.