Women Empowerment Cell

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To empower women in all spheres of life enabling them to become agents of social and economic change and inculcating ethical values for the betterment of self, family and society.


To train women to acquire wide range of skills and knowledge. To develop and increase their social, economic and intellectual capacities for peace, security and prosperity of mankind.

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  • Chief Co-Ordinator: Professor C S Mala, Associate Professor & HOD, Department of TCE
  • Associate Co-Ordinator: Professor S K Pushpa, Associate Professor & HOD, Department of ISE
  • Dr Annamma Abraham, Professor & HOD, Department of Mathematics
  • Mrs Thejaswini.S, Assistant Professor, Department of TCE
  • Mrs Mamatha K R, Assistant Professor, Department of ECE
  • Mrs Vidya Pai, Assistant Professor, Department of CSE
  • Ms Aparna, Associate Professor, Department of MCA
  • Mrs Shilpa G, Assistant Professor, Department of EEE

Activities conducted by the cell

  • A one day workshop on ‘Advancing Equality between Women and Men’ was conducted by Mr. Shahzad and his team from Pune on 27th October 2010.
  • A Seminar on "State Of Women" was conducted by Mr. B. Afshin, International Orator and Trainer, Personality Development and Character Building, on 15th March, 2011.
  • A discourse on “Stress Management”, by Mrs. Amita Badi, Life Skills Trainer was organized on 26th April, 2012.
  • A talk on "Role of Women in Changing the Society" was delivered on 8th March to mark the International Women’s Day, 2013.
  • A Self Defence Program for women was jointly organized by Women Empowerment Cell and NSS unit of BMSIT on 24th April, 2015.
  • Free training program in basic computer education was provided to the women in Avalahalli.

Program on Health Hygiene and Legal issues

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Women empowerment cell in collaboration with Internal Complaint Committee of BMSIT&M conducted a deliberation on “Health Hygiene and Legal Issues for Women” on 18 th August 2017 at 1.00 pm. This program was arranged to create awareness about issues of women. Around forty housekeeping staff, Ladies of neighbour villages and faculty members of BMSIT&M attended the seminar.

The event started with an invocation song and followed by lighting of a lamp by the dignitaries at main seminar hall. The welcome speech was delivered by dr. C S Mala, Chief Coordinator, WEC. The key note address on women well being was delivered by the Chief Guest Mrs. Satya. This was followed by a Presidential speech by Dr. Annamma Abharam Vice Principal BMSIT&M.

The informative talk on “Health & Hygiene” was deliberated by Dr. Srinivas from Vani Vilas hospital Bangalore. He discussed the problems faced by women right from birth, childhood, marriage and pregnancy. He also created awareness among them on various issues. 

The talk on “Legal Issues” was discussed by Akhila vidyasandra. She highlighted on various issues of women, which was very informative, interactive and it enlightened the gathering with valuable information about the problems faced by women. She also said that, when the women society of the country realize their full strengths and be aware of their rights, then only women will have an equal status with men. The event ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Ambika R , Coordinator of Internal Complaint Committee.

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