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Our Founders

Establised in 2002, BMS Institute of Technology and Management traces its roots to BMSET, the same trust that set up the first private technical institute, BMS College of Engineering. BMSIT&M is governed by BMS educational trust founded by Sri B M Sreenivasaiah and his illustrious son, Sri B S Narayan.

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Council of Trustees of BMS Educational Trust

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Dr. B S Ragini Narayan
Chairperson, BMSET
Donor Trustee & Member Secretary, BMSET

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Dr. P Dayananda Pai
Trustee, BMSET
Chairman, Century Groups
Chairman, BMSCE

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Trustee (Govt. Nominee), BMSET
Former Additional Chief Secretary, Govt. of Karnataka
Chairman, BOG, BMSCL

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Mr. Aviram Sharma
Trustee , BMSET

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Trustee (Govt. Nominee), BMSET
Commissioner, Department of Collegiate Education,
Govt. of Karnataka

Board of Governors

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Dr. P Dayananda Pai, Member
Chairman, Century Groups
Chairman, BMSCE

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Dr. B S Ragini Narayan, Member
Donor Trustee & Member Secretary,

Chairperson, BMSET

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Mr. M Madan Gopal, IAS(Retd), Member
Former Additional Chief Secretary
Government of Karnataka
Chairman, BOG, BMSCL

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Dr. N Manjula, IAS, Member
Government Nominee
Department of Collegiate Education, Government of Karnataka

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Mr. Gowtama M V, Member
Chairman & Managing Director, Bharat Electronics Limited

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Mr. Venkatesh Valluri, Member
M/s. Valluri Technology Accelerators

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Prof A. Sridharan, Member
AICTE Nominee, Professor of Civil Engg (Retd.),
Indian Institute of Science,Bengaluru

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Mr. H U Talawar, Member
Government Nominee
Director of Technical Education, Government of Karnataka

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Mr. G S Mahagaonkar, Member
Government Nominee
Former DGM, BHEL, Bengaluru

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Mr N Ramesh, Member
AICTE Nominee
Asst. Director & Regional Officer,
All India Council for Technical Education

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Mr. Veershetty Mange, Member
VTU Nominee
Executive Council Member, VTU

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Mr. Aviram Sharma, Member        
Trustee, BMSET

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Dr Mohan Babu G. N., Member Secretary
Principal , BMSIT&M

BMSET Officials

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Mr. Muralikrishna K
Director - Administration

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Col. K V N Swamy
Director - Projects

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Mr. Panchakshari
Director - Finance

Vision and Mission


To emerge as one of the finest technical institutions of higher learning, to develop engineering professionals who are technically competent, ethical and environment friendly for betterment of the society.


Accomplish stimulating learning environment through high quality academic instruction, innovation and industry-institute interface.

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Principal's Message

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Hello! Welcome to BMS Institute of Technology & Management, a constituent of the highly reputed BMS group of institutions.

The "BMS" has not become a Brand by chance. It has been the outcome of exemplary vision, meticulous effort and undivided commitment of all its stakeholders over decades. Today, education at BMS institutions is a Dr.eam of every one who aspires to be a leader in Engineering, simply because these institutions have in place, perfectly functional systems. The system at BMS Institute of Technology and Management (BMSIT&M) is perfect as all its subsystems have been designed keeping in view the vision and mission of the institute, they gel well with each other, operate synchronously, and undergo continuous improvements. This holistic approach to education is what distinguishes BMSIT&M from others.

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Heads - Academic Departments

Heads of Sections

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Mrs. Ambika Subhash
Placement Officer

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Dr. Arun Kumar B R
Chief Warden

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Mr. Gopalkrishna

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Mr. Mallikarjun Patil
Head, Physical Education

Office Administration

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Mr. Gautham Kalathur
Academic, Administrative &
Project Co-ordinator, BMSIT&M

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Mr. Vishwanatha Acharya
Administrative Officer

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Mr. G H Vasappa


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