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The Department of Physical Education


To develop highly talented sports performers along with ‘Professional Education’ aiming at great innovations in the field of Physical Education & Sports


To create awareness of fitness through ‘Physical Education & Sports Activities’ with the spirit of healthy competition to stimulate a long lasting attitude towards discipline, sportsmanship, hard work, integrity, creativity, leadership and social responsibility within the safe &positive environment.


Sport is a very competitive field; without proper sports facilities we cannot expect high level performance. Sports performance is mainly based on scientific way of coaching & training. Training may require various means & methods.

It is a dream of a trainer and a trainee to have all kind of standard sports facilities in one campus many institutions are producing high quality sports facilities in India. Youths will attract with quality sports facilities and such playgrounds are like ornaments to the campus.

The main drawback of our students for not participating in sports activities are -

The institution is far from the city; nearby we don’t have proper sports facilities like Swimming pool, Tennis court, Shuttle badminton courts, Athletic track etc... So it is difficult to get into some good sports clubs for regular practice, if someone wants to join, it will take lot of time every day to travel for that purpose. Such kind of things will affect on studies

If we have good sports facilities in our campus, it will help our students to continue their sports carrier along with academic progress for an overall personality development. They can save their time in travelling and getting strain unnecessarily and divert that time in to sports and studies. Here we can remember the proverb “Sound Mind in a Sound Body”

Objectives adopted to realize the vision

  • To full fill the basic requirements i.e. providing the state of the art sports facilities with international standards.
  • Qualified coaches should be appointed to “start sports academy” for possible games. This is talent identification stage, which helps for the research program in sports.
  • Sports science faculty should be provided to adopt advanced technology and scientific methods for training the athletes.
  • Various training facilities to be provided to athletes for creating interest in sports training.
  • Encouraging players to participate in more number of competitions for match experience. Aiming with high level performance.
  • Conducting workshop/clinic/conference on Organizing, Officiating & Training of sports activities.
  • Advance Technology/IT methods should be adopted to manage sports activities for effective training as well as participating & organizing sports events with fair results.
  • To encourage outstanding players by providing extra classes/labs for which they miss to participate in various coaching camps & competitions.
  • World class Athletes should be invited to share their experience & guidance to motivate our athletes for high level performance.
  • Inviting International Federations for their advice to maintain facilities and organize international matches.
  • Research works on aiming to introduce ‘Sports Engineering’ with the collaboration of coaches, sports science faculty & our own professional sports students.


  • Basketball Court
  • Volleyball Court
  • Throwball Court
  • Tennis Court
  • Ball Badminton
  • Kho-kho Court
  • Kabaddi Court
  • Cricket Nets
  • Football, Handball, Hockey (Multipurpose) Ground
  • Softball
  • Carrom
  • Chess
  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Boxing
  • Yoga
  • 10 Station Multi Gym consists of: i) Leg press, ii) Lat-pull, iii) Inner thigh, iv) Leg extensor & Leg curl bench, v) Bench press,vi) Seated rowing, vii) Peck deck, viii) Pull up bar, ix) Abdominal bench (adjustable) & x) Parallel bar
  • Up Right Bike
  • Smith Machine With Incline & Decline Bench
  • Weight Lifting Set With 175 Kgs. wt.
  • Olympic Bench With Incline & Decline Press
  • Dumbbells (total 199 kg)
  • Plates (total 200 kg)
  • Barbell Bars (Rods)
  • Dumbbells and Barbells Rack
  • Flat bench
  • Three level Abdominal Boards
  • Ab Crunch
  • Twisters - sitting & standing



Mr. Mallikarjunagouda B Patil- HOD - Director, Physical Education
B.A., B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed., NIS Dip. in Coaching Basketball, M.Phil. (Phd)

Mrs. Rani M.S. – Asst. Director, Physical Education
B.Sc., B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed., Ekalavya & Kithur Rani Chennamma Awardee (Govt. of Kar.)

Mr. Murali K G – Grounds Man

Mr. Puttalingaiah – Attender


team Image

Vishal Ajjampur represented India In Junior Water polo team

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Basketball Team secured 2nd Place in BMSCE Kreedotsav 2019

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Inauguration of 10K & 5K Run for Unity & FIT India Movement

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Inauguration of Run for Unity & FIT India Movement

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VTU Hockey

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Yoga Classes

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Badminton team secured 2nd place in VTU Bebgaluru North Zone Tourney 2019

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Basketball team secured 2nd place in VTU B'lore North Zone Tourney 2019

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Mr. Sudarshan Potdar secured Bronze in state level Shooting competition

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Staff Tournament Prize Distribution

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suryanamaskara on the day of Rathasapthami

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Table tennis team secured 2nd place in VTU B'luru North Zone Tourney 2019

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