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BMSIT&M, an institution with a class of its own, is one of the most sought after institutes for high quality engineering education in the state. It is a well established private engineering college recognized by the AICTE, Government of India and is affiliated to the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi. With its modern infrastructure, highly qualified and committed faculty, and active industry engagement, the institute has been recognised as an "Emerging Technical Institute in the state of Karnataka" by the VTU.

AICTE has given a zero deficiency report for the institute.

Institute Ambience

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A green, plastic-free and wi-fi enabled campus

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Multi-cultural learning environment with focus on promoting student communities

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Undergraduate study can lay the foundation to a great career. BMSIT&M, with affiliation to Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi, offers seven undergraduate courses.

Undergraduate Programs


Postgraduate study has the potential to transform an existing career into something brilliant. BMSIT&M currently offers three master’s degree programs.

Postgraduate Programs


Most of the departments are recognised as research centres by VTU since 2005, thereby making BMSIT&M one of the most promising research houses in the country.



BMSIT&M has been elevated into NIRF ( National Institutional Ranking Framework) Elite Club of Top 100 Institutions by securing 95th Position at National Level.(8th in Karnataka, 5th in Bengaluru and only affiliated institution in Karnataka to reach top Rankings of NIRF.)

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BMSIT&M has been accreditated by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), New Delhi.

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BMSIT Alumnus - Suraj Jana Creates Mini Satellite. Featured In The Times of India

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BMSIT&M organized VTU Bengaluru North Zone, Central Karnataka & Inter Zone Inter Collegiate Hockey (M) Tournaments for the year 2017-18 on 26th & 27th May 2017

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  1. VTU Bengaluru North Zone Hockey (M) Tournament held on 27th May 2017. Total teams participated: 07
  2. Result of the Tournament: Winners: Sir MVIT, Bengaluru & Runners: MVJCE, Bengaluru
  3. VTU Inter Zone Hockey (M) Tournament held on 27th May 2017. Total teams participated: 09
  4. Result of the Tournament: Winners: The Oxford CE, Bengaluru & Runners: Sir MVIT, Bengaluru

With cooperation and permission of The Director General and The Secretary, Stadium Management Committee, Youth Empowerment & Sports, Nrupathunga Road, Bengaluru. All the Hockey matches were conducted at Karnataka Hockey Stadium (Turf Ground) Rhenius Street, Langford Town, Bengaluru.

BMSIT&M Organized VTU Bangalore Zone and Inter Zone Inter Collegiate Basketball (W) Tournament on 24th & 25th April 2017.

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  1. VTU Bangalore Zone Inter Collegiate Basketball (W) Tournament was held on 24th April 2017. Total teams Participated: 09
  2. Result of the Tournament: Winners: RVCE, Bengaluru & Runners: NHCE, Bengaluru
  3. VTU Inter Zone Inter Collegiate Basketball (W) Tournament was held on 25th April 2017.
  4. Result of the Tournament: Winners: RVCE, Bengaluru & Runners: NHCE, Bengaluru

BMSIT&M Organized VTU Bengaluru Zone (W), Bengaluru North Zone (M) & Inter Zone Inter Collegiate Volleyball (M&W) Tournament from 30th March to 1st April 2017.

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  1. VTU Bengaluru Zone Inter Collegiate Volleyball (W) Tournament held on 30th & 31st March 2017, total 14 teams participated.
  2. Result of the Tournament: Winners : BMSCE, Bengaluru & Runners KIT, Tiptur
  3. VTU Bengaluru North Zone Inter Collegiate Volleyball (M), Tournament was held on 30th & 31st March 2017, total 21 teams participated.
  4. Result of the Tournament: Winners: NMIT, Bengaluru & Runners: SJCIT, Chikkaballapur
  5. VTU Inter Zone Inter Collegiate Volleyball (W) Tournament as held on 31st March &1st April 2017, total 14 teams participated.
  6. Result of the tournament: Winners: Sahyadri IT, Mangalore & Runners: NMAMIT, Nitte, Mangalore
  7. VTU Bengaluru North Zone Inter Collegiate Volleyball (M), Tournament was held on 30th & 31st March 2017, total 21 teams participated.
  8. Result of the tournament: Winners: Sahyadri IT, Mangalore & Runners: NHCE Bengaluru

BMSIT&M Organized VTU Bengaluru Zone, Rest of Bengaluru Zone, Inter Zone Inter Collegiate Basketball (W) Tournament & Team Selection Trails from 26th to 29th Sept 2016.

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  1. VTU Bengaluru Zone Inter Collegiate Basketball (w) Tournament was held on 26th Sept. 2016, total 17 teams participated.
  2. Result of the tournament: Winners: RVCE, Runners: BMSCE
  3. VTU Rest of Bengaluru Zone Inter Collegiate Basketball (W) Tournament was held on 27th Sept. 2016, total 07 teams participated
  4. Result of the tournament: Winners: NMAMIT Nitte, Runners: NIE Mysore
  5. VTU Inter Zone Inter Collegiate Basketball (W) Tournament was held on 28th Sept. 2016, total 08 teams participated.
  6. Result of the tournament: Winners: NMAMIT Nitte, Runners: RVCE Bengaluru
  7. VTU Basketball (W) team selection trials was held on 29th Sept. 2016
  8. Total 45 players attended for the selection trials.
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Two B.E. Civil Engineering Final Year Projects by our students have won best poster presentation prize at recently concluded State Level Students Project Exhibition organised by SFD and ABVP, at RVCE on 28 May 2017.

First Prize: Feasibility Analysis for Complete Replacement of Fine Aggregate by using E-Waste Ceramics. Students: Suhas P, Mukund Mohra, Ahan G and Kavitha H.M. Guides: Mr. Vinod BR, Dr. Rajesh Gopinath

Third Prize: Estimation of Carbon Sequestration Potential for Bangaore‘s Green Spaces. Students: Abeer Mishra, Aishwarya R Pai and Jay Sanghvi. Guide: Dr Rajesh Gopinath

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Dr. Mohan Babu.G.N., Principal, received REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship award from REX and International Confederation of Non-Governmental Organizations (iCONGO), which is affiliated to the United Nations. The award was given away in the event REX Conclive 2017 in New Delhi on 27 November 2016 in recognition of his effort to transform technical education to realize a better society. About 200 achievers from India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka were honoured with the award.

Ranks secured

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Garden award ccccbaff370a2489f2b1821cc50b4073e4b262dbccc137fb36bb1bc983e8c17f

Garden Development & Maintenance Section of BMSIT&M participated in the Garden Competition: August -2016, organized by the Mysore Horticultural Society, Lalbagh, Bengaluru-560004. BMSIT&M has been awarded a SPECIAL OUTSTANDING PRIZE: Special Memento for "BEST ORNAMENTAL GARDEN" during the Horticulture show held on 11-8-2016.

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BMSIT&M Cricket team has won the VTU Bengaluru North Zone inter collegiate Cricket tournament for the year 2016 & 17 in which 25 teams participated.

  • Among them BMSIT won 1st match against lmpact IT with the margin of 140 runs in which BMSIT score was 262 runs.
  • 2nd match BMSIT played against Dr SMCE final score - BMSIT 143 all out. SMCE 83 runs all out.
  • 3rd match BMSIT Vs Dr TTIT, KGF. final score 144 runs & BMSIT won by 2 wickets & qualified for semifinals.
  • In semifinal BMSIT played against Acharya IT & won by 8 runs. BMSIT 150 runs for 8 wickets & Acharya IT all out for 142 runs
  • Final match BMSIT Vs Sir MVIT, BMSIT score 179 runs for 8 wickets & won the final match by 14 runs.

This is second time that BMSIT has won same event in the same place after 9 years. 1st time in 2007-08 & now in 2016-17.

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Awarded the best "Emerging Technical Institute in Karnataka by Communication Multimedia Application & Infrastructure (CMAI) in association with VTU.

Awarded with the "Student Excellence Award among Pvt. Institutes in South" by "Dataquest-CRM T-School Survey 2015".

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Adjudged "Outstanding Engineering Institute – South" by Vijayavani, the leading Kannada daily.

Rated 38th among the Top Engineering Colleges in India on June, 2015 by Outlook Magazine.

The Higher Education Review Magazine survey on Private Engineering Colleges in India – May 2015 – has ranked BMSIT as :

  • 17th in Top 100 Private Engineering Colleges in India.
  • 12th in Top 20 Best Private Engineering Colleges in India.
  • 10th in Top 20 High Quality Placements among Private Engineering Colleges in India.

Institute's Best Practices

Outreach Activities

• Skill Development Through Hands On Activity Conducted by Dept. of ME

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• Conducted Two Days Outreach Activity On “Concepts of Computer Basics, Hardware and Training on MS-Office” for the Students of Navachethana High School, Singhanayakanahalli, Bengaluru Organized by Dept. of CS&E.

Date: 21st and 22nd June 2017

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Yoga Training

Yoga Training class was conducted to create the awareness & benefits of chanting OMKAR mantra, Meditation, Pranayama, Mudra postures, Human bodies & Chakra. The hands on session was conducted for chanting OMKAR, Mudra & Meditation. There were 10 beneficiaries from this class including students.

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As a part of the Swachcha Bharat Abhiyaan, OIKOS has drafted the Institutional Framework, a copy of which has also been submitted to VTU. Under this action plan, "Shramdaan" a plastic cleanup drive under the supervision of Shri Vijay Hashia (Campus Manager & Secretary-OIKOS) was conducted thrice in the campus on 16/04/16, 17/09/16 and 02/10/16 respectively, by mobilizing the entire fraternity of BMSIT&M to maintain a cleaner outlook to environment.

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Proctoring System

BMSIT&M has introduced a new proctoring system from the academic year 2016 - 17. The highlights of the new proctoring systems are:

  1. Under each proctor a maximum of 22 students will be allocated. The students allocated under each proctor will be a composite group consisting of 5 students each from I, III, V and VII semester. This arrangement enables junior students to develop a rapport with senior students.
  2. Proctoring of each department will be monitored by a team of deputy chief proctors and a chief proctor at the institution level. The central team submits a monthly report of proctoring at all departments to the principal.
  3. Students who face various adjustments problems which include behavioral / Psychological issues can avail the help from a professional counselor, Mrs. Chethana Srinivas who will be visiting the campus on Tuesdays and Fridays from 1pm – 4pm.
  4. Parents are periodically intimated through SMS, email about the performance and attendance status of their wards.
  5. First year students can approach first year student co-ordinator Mr. Thyagaraj, Assistant professor, Department of ECE and Mrs. Tejaswini, Assistant professor, department of ME to get acquainted with the system smoothly at the earliest

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