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The Association

The Alumni Association was initially started in 2013, and was officially registered with the Registrar of Societies in 2015. The objective is to bring the entire alumnus under one common roof, thus creating a strong network between the Alma mater and the alumnus. We are striving to encourage the alumni to take an active interest in the work and progress of the institution by establishing regular engagement between the institution and the alumni. We have planned to establish practices, to recognize outstanding social and community services rendered by the alumni, to provide career guidance to our existing students from the alumni and more.

We aim at enriching both the current diaspora and the alumnus through constant interaction and knowledge sharing.

The Annual Alumni Meet is conducted by us on the last Saturday of January every year. The association is looking at innovative ways to connect and grow.


  • To Connect, Enhance and Serve a growing number of alumni.


To promote and cultivate mutually beneficial interaction between the Alumni and the current students of the college and between the Alumni themselves.

Members of Alumni Association

Executive Committee

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Dr. Dayananda Pai
Honourable President

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Dr. B. S. Ragini Narayan
Honourable Member

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Mr. M Madan Gopal
Honourable Member

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Dr. Mohan Babu G. N.
President(ex officio)

Dr. H K Govindaraju
Vice President

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Sri C. N. Gireesh Babu

Panchakshari ea515942a3e54a7a8012f72e37ffa37541eae2d039e25cc58c12901b80383836

Sri. Panchakshri

Aranya 723565271617e5f372b0f96553a765359ef07e5b092c552699caaa332865e608

Sri. Aranya Khinvasara

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Sri. Vishwanath Acharya

Manjunath t n 6e03e8f08598c6dd21e1895048e6c28b2f08033687bcdd5b1081ebeed1487e34

Dr. Manjunath T N

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Dr. P Ganesh

Members of Alumni Committee

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Sri C. N. Gireesh Babu
Chief Coordinator


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Mr. K. C. S. Reddy
Department of ME

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Mr. Ozwin Dsouza
Department of EEE

Mrs. Sumathi M S
Department of TCE

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Mr. Anil Kumar D
Department of ECE


Mrs. Drakshaveni G
Department of MCA


Mr. Muneshwara
Department of CSE


Mrs. Shruthi J
Department of CSE


Mr. Chandrashekhara K T
Department of ISE


Manish Shashikant Dharek
Department of CE


Book Donation Program: The book donation program was initiated by the association in November 2015, where alumnus can donate books to the institute. We have successfully run this campaign and grown the number of books available to the student community at BMSIT&M.

Books can be delivered to college through the bus, or courier paid by the receiver(the Alumni Association). Just contact us, and we will help you with it!

Alumni Sessions (As on May,2019): This program has been the main driver of the Association, with Alumni being invited and share their thoughts, knowledge, experiences or anything they like with the students. The idea is to get the students a more practical approach to life after college in universities or industries, and also to create a platform where students can attain a source of knowledge that can help their careers.

We invite all alumni to come and speak about anything that they would like. Please do contact us if you are interested.
Read more about our Alumni Sessions here

Annual Alumni Meet (As on May,2019): The Annual Alumni Meet brings to our alumni a chance to reconnect with their Alma Mater. It lets them relive the carefree days of their college lives as they get a chance to visit all the locations they once frequented.
Read more about our Annual Alumni Meet here


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