About the Library

We at BMSIT&M inculcate a habit of ongoing self education in our students hence preparing them to soar high up in their respective fields. Our opulent yet illustrious library, spread across a carpet area of 1418 sqmts., is not only impressively spacious but also has a comprehensive collection of books in engineering and allied subjects gratifying to the needs of faculties, research scholars, staff and students.

Library users can access the OPAC, institutional repositories and digital library 24/7 from anywhere in the campus with any device that supports Wi-Fi connectivity through this IP address -

You can access outside the campus with this IP -

Circular - National Archives of India (NAI) Resources

Institutional Memberships
DELNET Resource Sharing (Inter Library Loan Service)
BRITISH COUNCIL Library Membership
NDLI Registered and Organised 7 Events

Salient Features of BMSIT Library
Photocopying Facility Toshiba e-Studio 2329A
Library Software KOHA version. 21.11
Digital Library Software DSpace version 6.3
NPTEL Videos - 29,774
NPTEL Web courses - 15,928
e-Book Management Software Calibre version. 5.22
e-Mail to Users on Every Transaction
Library Resources on Mobile, Tablet, Laptop
Digital Library with 20 Multimedia Systems

Other Information

  1. The library has a seating capacity for over 250 people and houses 14363 titles and 57562 volumes of books.
  2. The library is divided into two floors wherein the ground floor comprises of the circulation centre, stack room, reprographic section, processing section, server room and the librarian’s chamber.
  3. The massive first floor provides the commendable facilities of technical journals/magazines, project/seminar report/bound volume section, discussion rooms, newspaper section, personal book reading room, digital library and internet browsing centre.
  4. The digital library, packed with 20 systems on the first floor for the use of students and faculties helps browse/download articles from the subscribed & open source e-journals/e-books, watch NPTEL / educational videos and access web courses.
  5. KOHA ILS v21.11, the internationally renowed, open source software is being used for the management of the library.

Library Timings

Circulation Section
Mon-Fri: 8:30am to 4:30pm
Sat: 8:30am to 1:00pm

Reference Section
Mon-Fri: 8:30am to 8:30pm
Sat: 8:30am to 5:30pm

During Examinations:
During Internal Tests and University Examination, one week before and till the completion of examination, Sundays and general holidays remains open between 9:30 am to 01 pm.

Vision & Mission


To emerge as one of the best state-of-the-art information centres, catering to the curricular and non-curricular informational needs of the stakeholders and to become one’s lifelong learning centre.


To build rich collection in the field of technical and allied subjects irrespective of its format, promoting its usage to the maximum extent possible and providing unparalled library services to users.

  1. To act as a repository for all knowledge created within the institution for future developments.
  2. Collection development of books, CD’s, VCD’s DVD’s, Audio CD’s, Journals, Magazines and promoting their usage to the optimum level.
  3. To organize easy access and retrieval of all information.


  1. Dspace - Link for BMSIT&M Institutional Repository

  2. General Issuing - Library card is issued during the first year which is utilized to borrow three books for a period of two weeks after which it can either be renewed (unless the item is reserved by another user) or returned.

  3. Book Bank- It involves depositing a one time non-refundable amount of Rs. 400 for the entire course which allows you to borrow two books for each semester and must be returned after semester completion.

  4. SC/ST Book Bank - In addition to the book bank (offered free of cost), the SC/ST candidates can be issued with two more books in this category by producing the necessary documents.
    For example, 2 books (General) + 2 books (Book Bank) + 2 books (SC/ST Book Bank) = 6 books.

  5. DELNET(Developing Library Network) - It is a resource sharing service wherein the library borrows a book of interest for the user from other source for a period of 1 week.

  6. E-Books & E-Journals - Can be accessed through the Digital Library. E-Journals can be accessed remotely using Knimbus website and authentication of device can be done in the library for IEEE only.

  7. Digital Library - NPTEL Videos and Web Courses can be viewed in this digital library with an exclusive server having 32 multimedia systems..

  8. Reprographic Section - Provides scanning facilities for free. It also provides photocopying services of Reference Materials for teachers and students at nominal cost..

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the procedure for borrowing a certain book?
    1. Be a library member by registering with a colour PassPort size photo.
    2. Use OPAC to search for the title of your interest; check its availability; if it is available request for the title with circulation staff.
    3. Scan your Library ID.
    4. The item will be issued to you.
    5. Check the due date and your Library ID stamped at the end.
    6. After 15 minutes check your mail box for a mail in this regard.

  • How do I borrow books if I lose my ID card?
    1. You can use your library card in lieu of ID card.
    2. No duplicate Library card will be issued. But you can apply for duplicate ID card in the office.
    3. Until the duplicate ID card is issued by the office, you can just type your Library ID number and borrow / return books etc.

  • What is the amount to be paid as fine if one does not return the book within 2 weeks?
    1. Re 1 per working day per book

  • How can one check for the availability of a certain book in the library?
    1. One can check using the OPAC systems / Digital Library Systems in the Library.
    2. One can access OPAC using Desktop, Laptop, Tab, any device that supports Wi-Fi connectivity.
    3. Login to BMSIT Wi-Fi network with your username and password.
    4. Open a new browser, and enter
    5. In the simple search box type partial name of one of the authors or partial title etc. One can search using
      1. Title
      2. Author
      3. Publisher
      4. Series
      5. Edition
      6. ISBN / ISSN
    6. Attend library orientation session for any further clarifications.