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Central Facilities
  • Accommodation capacity: 502 boys, 120 girls in different hostels.
  • Fully furnished double occupancy rooms for boys.
  • Fully furnished double/triple occupancy rooms for girls.
  • Fully furnished double/triple occupancy rooms for NRI/PIO students.
  • 24 Hrs power supply with generator backup.
  • TV, Internet/Wi-fi, Solar/Geyser hot water, RO drinking water, hot/cold drinking water vending machines.
  • Gym/ Sports separately for hostel students.
  • Washing Machines in each floor of the hostel blocks.
  • Messes which provide balanced north and south Indian dishes also separate menu for the Nepali students with bouffe system
  • Automated equipment in the mess to prepare the hygiene food.
  • Dish washing machine and cold storage for hygiene maintenance
  • Regular fogging and pest control to keep the premises clean and tidy.

About Hostel

"Leaving one's home behind and staying at a new place can be a difficult situation. So, we at BMSIT&M make sure their hostel life makes them feel at home "

A hostel is a new phase of life in a student’s life. They encounter many difficulties when they first shift into a hostel. Be it the room he stays in, or the environment that they encounter. A hostel life makes sure that a child is grown and can tackle any kind of situations he faces. A hostel is a place where a student finds friends as family.

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Hostel Email ID: hostel@bmsit.in
Boys Hostel Queries: 9739947120 / 9741590336 / 7483394536
Girls Hostel Queries: 9986299412 / 9845033370

BMSIT Hostels span four blocks, three of which are boys' hostels and are inside the campus. The other one is in a residential area at Yelahanka 4th phase where the girls stay and this is 4 km away from the campus. Total capacity of the hostel is 622 students. College is providing transportation to the students staying in the girls' hostel. We also give accommodation to International students who come under NRI/ PIO category.

The hostel life in BMSIT&M offers many entertaining activities. An annual fest "Kalarava" is a colourful event filled with cultural and sports activities. This program is organized to encourage the hostel students in co-curricular activities includes sports and cultural events. From singing, dancing, fashion show to cricket, football, badminton, table tennis, chess, volleyball and fun filled activities like tug of war, dumb charades and many more, Kalarava has it all. There are several sports tournaments in hostel like HPL for cricket and FPL for football. All these events and activities are for the merriment and relaxation of the students residing in hostels. To ensure they are in their comfort zone. All the festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Holi and many more are celebrated by the hostel inmates with a lot of enthusiasm as one would, back at home. The environment provided ensures such an innervation.

We provide systematic dining facilities in the hostel. There are separate dining halls for international and Indian students. The dining halls are hygienic with vegetarian and non-vegetarian food served separately by the mess staff. The kitchen is well-equipped with convenient cookware in the control of skilled cooks.

The menu of the hostel food is prepared by the student committee in hostel meetings.

Working President

Dr. Mohan Babu G. N., Principal, BMSIT&M

Chief Warden

Dr. Arun Kumar B. R., Professor, Department of CSE

Wardens for Gents’ Hostels

Mr. Dwarakanath.G.V., Assistant Professor, Department of MCA
Dr. Lokesh, Associate Professor, Department of Physics
Dr. Daruka Prasad B, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics
Mr. Sachin, Warden

Wardens for Ladies Hostels

Mrs. Shilpa, Assistant Professor, Department of EEE
Mr. Ramurthy, Foreman, Mechanical Department


Mr. Karabasappa K
Mr. Venkatesh
Mr. Hanamanta
Mr. Devaraja B

Resident Supervisors

Mr. Naveen Kiran S
Mr. Uday Kumar S N


Mr. G. A. Nagabhushan
Mrs. Poornima M.S

Office Assistant

Shreayas B V


Mr. Manjunath K


Mrs. Sunitha B.V

Mess Staff No : 39

(3 Cooks + 5 Assistant Cooks + 31 Helpers)

Security staff (outsourced) : 18
House Keeping staff (outsourced): 34



Name of the Employee


Mob. No


Sri. Nagabhushan G A

Second Division Assistant



Smt. Poornima M S

Second Division Assistant



Shreayas B V

Office Assistant



Sri. Karabasappa Kattimani

Supervisor, C-Block, BH



Sri. Devaraja B

Supervisor, C-Block, BH



Sri. Naveen Kiran S

Residential Supervisor, A-Block,  BH



Sri. Venkatesh

Supervisor- B- Block, BH



Sri. Hanamanta

Supervisor – A-Block, BH



Sri. Uday Kumar

Residential Supervisor – B Block



Sri. Manjunatha K




Smt. Sunitha B V

Attender, LH






Mob. No


Dr. Arun Kumar B R

Professor- Department of CSE & Chief Warden



Mr. Dwarakanath G V

Assistant Professor of  MCA – Warden- A Block (BH)



Dr. Daruka Prasad

Assistant Professor of Physics – Warden- C-Block (BH)



Dr. R. Lokesh R

Associate Professor of Physics – Warden- B-Block (BH)



Mrs. Shilpa

Assistant Professor EEE and Warden LH



Mr. Ramurthy P K

Foreman ME –

Deputy Warden (LH)



Mr. Sachin

Warden of Boys Hostel


Fees Structure
SN Particulars of Rooms Total Fees for AY 2022-23
1 Normal Rooms 1,40,600/-
2 Special Rooms (Attached bathroom) 1,66,300/-
3 ICD/PIO (C block) 1,84,100/-
Bank Details
Hostel Fees The Principal- BMSIT Hostel SB A/c- 21096732061
Mess Fees The Principal- BMSIT MESS SB A/c- 21096738427
Bank Name Indian Bank
Branch Avalahalli
IFSC Code IDIB000A682

Students should compulsorily open SB A/c in Indian Bank. (Inside Campus)
Send the details of NEFT/RTGS/ Internet banking to hostel email ID - hostel@bmsit.in

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team Image

Barrier Free Environment

team Image

Barrier Free Environment

team Image

Barrier Free Environment

team Image

Lift Facility

team Image

Room Ambience

team Image

Room Ambience

team Image

Dining Hall

team Image

Cleaning Machine

team Image

Washing Machine

team Image

Dish Washing Machine

team Image


team Image

Medical Room

team Image



team Image



team Image

Table Tennis

team Image

Solar Water Heaters

team Image

Hot Water Dispensor

team Image

Light House Dining Hall

team Image

Media Room

team Image

Reading Room

team Image

Infrared Thermometer

team Image

RO System

team Image


team Image

Idly Steamer/h3>

team Image

Cold Storage

team Image

Face Recognition Attendance

FAQ's Hostel

When can a resident report to the residence?

A resident can report to residence twenty-four hours before the commencement of the course.

How long can a resident stay at the residence after the examinations?

A resident has to vacate the residence within twenty-four hours after the examinations.

What is the log-in time for residents?

(a) Girls : 07.00 PM
(b) Boys : 08.00 PM
(a) Girls : 08.00 PM
(b) Boys : 09.00 PM

What are the facilities available for the sick residents?

First Aid facility and medical supervision are made available by the Resident Doctor.
We also provide 24 X 7 Ambulance facility.

How is the mess menu decided?

Mess menu is carefully prepared in consultation with the residents, by keeping in mind the tastes and food habits of the residents. The Mess Committee (comprising Hostel Authority, Mess Manager and Leaders from Students) meets every month to discuss and decide the menu for next month and to ensure hygienic and nutritious food.

Is it required to bring cutlery?

No. We provide cutlery at mess.

What are the mess times?

BREAKFAST (Mon to Sat) : 07.45 AM to 08.45 AM
BREAKFAST (Sun & Holidays) : 08.00 AM to 09.00 AM
LUNCH (Mon to Sat) at College : 12.00 PM to 01.45 PM
LUNCH (Sun & Holidays) : 12.30 PM to 01.45 PM
DINNER : 07.45 PM to 08.45 PM
(Dinner will not be provided on Sunday)

Where can the residents have dinner on Sundays?

There are affordable food services nearby that provide inexpensive and easily accessible dinner evening snacks facilities. We also help students to get home delivery.

Can a resident carry his/her food (Sunday dinner) to his/her room?

Food cannot be carried to the rooms. However, a resident can dine at the residence’s mess.

Is there any accommodation facility for visitors (parents / guardians)?

No. We don’t have accommodation facility at residences for parents / guardians. We help them to get accommodation at nearby hotels.

Is there mess facility for visitors (parents / guardians)?

Yes. They can buy mess coupons and avail themselves of the mess facility.

Do you provide separate food for sick residents?

Yes. We provide separate food for sick residents on the recommendations of a Doctor

Can a sick resident take his or her food to his/her room?

Yes. He or she has to take prior permission from hostel supervisor.

Do you provide parking spaces for vehicles?

Yes. We provide parking facilities for two wheelers only. Residents have to apply for permission on the prescribed format by attaching required documents (RC of Vehicle and Driving License).

Is there any parking fees?


What are the TV times?

College days : 05.00 PM to 09.00 PM
Holidays : 09.00 AM to 09.00 PM

Is there laundry service at the residences?

Yes. We provide well-equipped laundry services for the residents.

Do you provide news papers?

Yes. News Papers are kept in a lounge.

Do you provide housekeeping?

Yes. Housekeeping department tidies up rooms and bathrooms every day. Bed sheet, pillow covers etc are changed once in a week.

Do you provide Sports facilities?

Yes. We provide outdoor sports facilities.

Do you provide mineral water?

Yes. We provide RO fresh cold water. Two water coolers are placed on every floor.

Do you provide hot water?

Yes. We provide hot water in the morning and evening hours.

Is there any penalty for residents coming late to the residence?

A resident who reports late will have to write a statement of his/her reason, which will be informed to the parents and the mentor. It will also be recorded in his or her resident’s form. If it is found to be a repeated practice, strict action will be initiated by the disciplinary committee.

What is the procedure for obtaining permission to go out?

Residents have to apply for leave on a prescribed format. He/she needs to take remarks from his/her mentor about attendance percentage and the parents’ opinion. After the necessary documents, the leave application may be approved by a manager.

What is the penalty for being absent?

A resident needs to write a statement of reason for his or her absence, which will be informed to the parents and the mentor. It will also be recorded in resident’s form. In case such misdemeanor is repeated, strict action will be initiated by the disciplinary committee.
Note: Strict action will be initiated against absenteeism and anti-social activities (smoking, drinking, gambling and ragging), which may include rustication from residence and/or college.

Can students stay at residence during college hours?

No, but if a resident falls sick, he/she can stay at residence on the recommendation of the resident doctor.

How is the security?

We provide 24x7 security at residences. We ensure the safety and security of all the residents at their hostels.

What will you do in case of a theft?

The residents are responsible for their belongings. Residents are advised not to keep large amount of cash or valuables like ornaments, rings, costly wristwatch etc., in their rooms. They should also take care of their wallets, calculators, cell phones, computers, laptops, and books.