About Counselling

Counselling is a purposeful relationship in which one person helps another to help themselves. It is a way of relating and responding to another person so that the other person is helped to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviour, to reach a clearer self-understanding and then to find and use their strengths, draw on their resources so that they can cope more effectively with their life, making appropriate decisions by taking relevant action.

Goal of Counselling

The goal of counselling is to provide emotional support alleviate distress, promote resilience and finally aid in achievement of positive mental health.

Role and responsibility of Counsellor

1. Fostering a healthy relationship of ‘mutual trust’ and ‘respect for the client’.
2. Maintaining confidentiality of client details.
3. Providing empathetic, non-judgmental attitude and being honest in practice.
4. Making suitable references when the client problem is not within the capacity of the counsellor.
5. Finally, the counsellor’s responsibility is to promote client mental and emotional well- being and also conduct follow-up regularly.


Name : Chethana Srinivas
Designation : Professional Counsellor
Qualification : M.A Psychology
M.Sc Counselling and Psychotherapy
Diploma in Counselling( BANJARA ACADEMY)

Experience : 15 years - Teaching in Psychology, 10 years - Counselling

1) Served in Montfort University
2) Airforce school Hebbal

Conducted Seminars

1) HAL on Stress Management
2) Sheshadripuram school- Training for high school students.
3) Parenting skills - SVIT