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About the Research and Development Cell

R&D involves in identifying new research areas, developing projects leading to publications in National/International Journals and conferences. Established R&D Cell at the Institution level to promote Research & Innovation among the faculty & students. The Cell helps in developing co-operative and complimentary research among various Departments under BMSIT&M to explore advanced technologies. The Cell holds periodical Review meetings on the progress of research being carried out for Ph.D. as well as of the funded projects. The Cell also guides in writing projects, scientific papers leading to publication as well as in identifying results of research for filing patents. The Institution foregrounded the concept of research amongst the students from first year of their study. Necessary environment and facilities were created. MHRD- Institution Innovation council is setup to support student innovations leading to new products, patents and interested students will start the career as entrepreneurs.

Ph.D and M.Sc (Engg) Research Scholars (from 2005 to 02/12/2022)

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