BMS Institute of Technology & Management has a very strong mentorship which provides students guidance for academic and personal needs, and a sense of security.

A mentor, a member of the faculty, is entrusted with the responsibility to monitor and ensure students’ academic progress and behavior by paying his/her personal attention.

Management motivates and enables a student to see his mentor as a patriarchal / matriarchal figure and guide. We believes that the interaction with the students is essential to mould them in perspectives.

Records with our mentors contain personal data of each student, parent contact details, academic details and communication details. The information is uploaded to the portal specially designed by the institute. As a result of which, Chief Mentor, Head of the Department, Principal can view details of students at any point of time and offer required support.

Objective of the mentorship is to constantly monitor the progress of students in terms of attendance, punctuality, academic performance, learning capabilities and general behavior. This system also helps to identify and understand students closely about their requirements beyond the curriculum such as habitual deviations, attitudinal aberrations, utilization of facilities and associative growth of personal attributes.

We can provide an early warning with help of our mentors’ feedback on a periodic basis to the students, parents, heads of the departments and course coordinators on classified needs for their intervention.

Allotment of Mentors

  1. Students are allotted to the mentors in the first year of the course.
  2. Allotment is based on a maximum ratio of 1:20.

Communication Process

  1. Mentor meets all his/her students once in a fortnight at a pre specified time.
  2. Parent/Sponsor and Student will be sent information pertaining to attendance, marks of the internal exams and the results of the final examination.
  3. An SMS or an email may also be sent to the parents with the above information as required.
  4. Communication details will be recorded in the online portal.
  5. If any student is found to be irregular to the classes, an immediate action will be taken and the same will be reported the parents.
  6. In the case of poor or below average performance in academics, mentor will counsel such students and assist them with proper guidance.
  7. Parents will be advised to meet the Chief Mentor or the Head of the respective department to take corrective measures, if it is necessary.

In short, Mentorship provides the parents a single window source of information about their ward and expects parents to contact mentors for any additional information.