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Funded Project

SN Project Title Faculty Name Period(Year) Amount(RS) Funding Agency Project_Status
1 Graphene Oxide / plasmonic hybrid nanocomposites for versatile surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) based multi analyte detection sensors Dr. C. Kavitha 2018-2019 500000.00 VGST -SMYSR On-going
2 Zinc Oxide Nanocomposites preparation using modified sonochemical method suitable for solar cells and battery applications Dr. Daruka Prasad B 2018-2019 500000.00 VGST -RFTT On-going
3 Plant Latex mediated green combustion synthesis of rare earth doped nano aluminates: study of structural and luminescent properties Dr. Dhananjaya N 2015-2018 2170000.00 DST-SERB completed
4 Graphene/Graphene Oxide-Nano particles hybrid structures for SERS based optical Sensors Dr. C. Kavitha 2014-2017 3197667.00 DST-SERB Completed
5 Novel phytosynthesis, structural and luminescence properties of rare earth activated nano- oxyhalides for display and dosimetric applications Dr. Dhananjaya N 2014-2016 400000.00 VGST -SMYSR Completed
6 Efficiency improvement of ultracapacitors using binary metal oxide nano composites Dr. C. Kavitha 2021-2023 2000000.00 VGST-K-FIST-L2 Ongoing