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Funded Project

SN Project Title Faculty Name Period(Year) Amount(RS) Funding Agency Project_Status
1 Chemical functionalization of Si with 2D structures: Anode materials for lithium ion battery with significantly improved volumetric capacity Dr. Ramakrishnappa T 2018-2021 9500000.00 DST On-going
2 Application of substitutionally doped graphyne, graphdiyne and penta-graphene nanomaterials in Lithium-ion battery: An ab initio study Dr. Jyoti Roy Choudhuri 2019-2022 1500000.00 DSTSERB On-going
3 Organic Electroactive Materials for High Performance Mg-Ion Rechargeable batteries Dr. Jyothi C Abbar 2018-2021 1830000.00 DST - SERBTARE On-going
4 New 2-D carbon-based anode materials in Na-ion battery: Effects of heteroatom doping on Na storage capacity, charge mobility and open circuit voltage via ab initio simulation study Dr. Jyoti Roy Choudhuri (Co-PI) 2020-2023 3282400.00 DST-CRG Ongoing