Food Court

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BMSIT&M offers a food court which, spread over a massive area with a capability to house over 200 students at a time. It strives to serve healthy and tasty multi cuisine food. Along with the main course you also get juices, ice creams and chats, priced at a minimum. Managed by a team of highly trained caterers, hygiene and health they ensure, is their top priority. We also have housekeeping staff on regular duty so you are not left with a dirty table. The counter service is efficient and well regulated so you won’t have to worry about queuing up to order. An appropriate number of basins are available to cater to the students and again there's no waiting in lines.

The food court is surrounded by a lush green cover which adds to the calm and serene aura of the environment. Students also indulge in football and other leisurely activities around the food court. The food court comprises of well-furnished seating arrangement for the comfort of the students.

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A centralized Wi-Fi connection is provided in the food court so students have seamless web connectivity and can work on projects right from the food court. The food court is also the one area where students are free from the watchful sight of their teachers.