Green Campus

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Located in Yelahanka, the massive 22 acre campus enables BMSIT&M to impart high quality technical education to its students in a pollution free environment. This is achieved with over 75% of the campus being covered with a lawn, a mini forest, scores of trees, parks, gardens and above all a green canopy of Kadamba, Badhami and Rain trees. Housing several evergreen, semi-evergreen, tropical, deciduous, dry, ornamental, fruit bearing, medicinal, bio-diesel plants, plenty of shrubs, jungle wood trees etc. The BMSIT&M campus is totally eco-friendly. All of this is maintained and managed by more than 23 garden staff who are dedicated to keeping the campus sustainable and playing its part in addressing the issue of global warming.


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Large scale afforestation initiative has been taken up in our college campus by considering the benefits of having more trees like retaining surface moisture, reduction in soil erosion, surface runoff, flooding, air pollution and green house affect. Some other incidental benefits include encouraging water infiltration and hence improving ground water level.

Campus earlier and Now:

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Lawn Development and Maintenance

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Mexican lawn and Buffalo has been developed and maintained in most of the open areas in the campus as it has tremendous cooling effects, acts as a natural filter, traps and removes dust, absorbs carbon dioxide, reduces soil erosion and absorbs rainfall.

Development of compost

All bio-degradable waste from vegetable/kitchen waste to fallen leaves and flowers is converted into usable manure in compost pits located at different locations on the campus.

Awards and Accolades

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SPECIAL OUTSTANDING PRIZE for “BEST ORNAMENTAL GARDEN” on 14-8-2015 during August-2015 Horticultural Show .

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SPECIAL OUTSTANDING PRIZE on 25-01-2016 during January-2016, Horticultural Show

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Rolling shield for “BEST Maintained GARDEN” on 25-01-2016 during January-2016, Republic Day Horticultural Show

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BMSIT & M garden was awarded 11 FIRST PRIZES/ SPECIAL OUTSTANDING PRIZE For “ BEST ORNAMENTAL GARDEN” in Independence Day Garden Competition, During August 2014, Horticultural Show Organized by The Mysore Horticultural Society, Lalbagh, Bengaluru

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BMSIT garden was awarded 11 First Prizes and a Special Outstanding Prize for “BEST ORNAMENTAL GARDEN” during Republic Day Garden Competition, held in January 2014 in the Horticultural show organized by The Mysore Horticultural Society, Lalbagh, Bengaluru

BMSIT&M was awarded with a special memento for best ornamental gardens by The Mysore Horticultural Society during the horticulture show in 2015.

Tree plantation by guests to create awareness

Mr Venkatesh Valluri,Chairman & President,M/s. Ingersoll Rand India planted a Silver Oak tree(Grevillea robusta) sapling on 2nd August 2014
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Mr. Richard Gall, President, Cranes Software Limited, India, planted a Indian Mahogany(Swietenia mahagony) sapling on 22nd –September 2014
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Use Of Treated Sewage Water For Garden

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  1. Capacity: 2.25 lakhs per day
  2. The recycled water from the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is being used for complete watering of the lawns, plants and landscape for the entire campus
  3. Sewage water from different blocks in the college and hostel is recycled in Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
  4. The Quality of recycled water is tested periodically before its usage

Rain Water Harvesting

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    Rain Water Sump Capacities
  1. Academic Block: 1.20,000 Litre
  2. Lab. Block : 1.30,000 litre
  3. BSN Block : 40,000 Litre
  4. Hostel Blocks : 20,000 litre