National Service Scheme (NSS)

The NSS Committee is headed by our Principal, who is assisted by the Program officer and representatives from all the departments. The office bearers and the student volunteers have been working relentlessly for the upliftment of weaker sections of society.

The NSS wing of our college celebrates the completion of the eighth successful year.

The main objective of NSS is: Education through community service, and community service through education.

Following are some of the activities organized by NSS Unit of the college during 2012-13.

  • The unit conducted an educative trip for NSS volunteers by organizing a one-day camp at Ramanagara on 21st April 2012. Students were exposed to a few adventure sports.
  • A Voluntary Blood Donation camp was formally inaugurated by the Principal on 24th September 2012. A total of 303 units were donated by the students and staff of the college.
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  • Many volunteers took part in the Voluntary Blood Donation camp organized by the MLA of Yelahanka Assembly constituency, Shri S.R.Vishwanath on 24th July 2013 as part of his birthday celebrations. More than 25 staff members donated blood.
  • As part of “The Joy of Giving week” the NSS unit donated several cartons of clothes to an orphanage ‘Anatha Shishu Vihara’ opposite to BMSCE on 16th October 2012 and 5th January 2013.
  • Ms. Smruthi VI semester TCE and Mr Rithuraj of VI semester CSE taught the visually challenged students of a school, MATHRU at 4th Phase, Yelahanka from 2010 to 2012.
  • A four day Special Camp for NSS volunteers was held from 26th March 2013 to 31st March 2013 at Uratti Agrahara, H Cross, Kolar Dist. A Mega Medical camp was organized to enable the villagers to avail free treatment. Free cataract operation was performed on Twenty two villagers identified during the medical camp.
  • A campaign for ‘Awareness on benefits of voting’ was conducted in which NSS volunteers implored the general public to vote without fail for better governance.
  • About 65 NSS volunteers took part in assisting the Civil Defence & Police Officials in the General Assembly Elections on 4th and 5th May 2013.
  • The NSS unit has encouraged the students of Final year B.E. to pursue projects related to reduction in environmental pollution, energy conservation, and recycling of solid waste.
  • The NSS unit has also encouraged the students of Final year B.E. to pursue projects which can help physically challenged people to overcome those challenges through use of technology.
  • Several staff members and students have been helped in procuring blood in their hour of need by NSS volunteers and the Programme Officer.
  • About 25 volunteers donated blood at a voluntary blood donation camp organized by the local MLA as part of his birthday celebrations at Singanayaknahalli on 24th July 2013.

Following are some of the activities organized by the NSS Unit of the college during 2013-14

  • NSS volunteers participated in large numbers in the Cancer Awareness Programme conducted on 27th & 28th August 2013.
  • Many volunteers attended the one-day workshop on voluntary blood donation arranged by the Red Cross Society on 1st October 2013
  • The Program Officer attended a one week training program at Mysore
  • The unit conducted an educative trip for NSS volunteers by organizing a one-day camp at Ramanagara on 10th October 2013
  • A voluntary blood donation Camp was held in the college on 29th October 2013. A total of 377 units of blood was donated
  • A Free Dental Check-up was organized to benefit the students.
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  • One-day visit was arranged to an orphanage on a Sunday 30th March 2014. Students distributed fans, clothes, shoes, bags and other items for the benefit of the orphans residing in Saraswathi Orphanage at Mathikere.

Following are some of the activities organized by the NSS Unit during 2014-15

  • A Technical Talk by Sri V.V.Prabhu, Technical Secretary, District Disaster Management Cell, was organized on the topic “Awareness on Disaster Management” for the benefit of students on 16th August 2014
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    Img73 90aab06b84da98bca0b23418e61c2414ee2cab190b453c756041c6920ad8d146
  • A Voluntary Blood Donation Camp was organized on 16th September 2014 in our college in association with the Lions Club. A total of 400 units of blood were donated by the students and Staff of the College.
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    Img76 5917074c000001c240a7f29925c2f3d84c45c53d3cdc9c9ebd1fcc4f7a40d64d
  • Organized a ‘Free Medical Check-up’ for the staff members on 16th September 2014 in association with M/s Narayana Multi-Specialty Hospital. About 50 staff members availed the facility.
  • Img77 52e251c47f33fa1e415a4478e618c3db662191995084605bc95fb0e0eb692071
  • A campus cleaning program was organized on 1st October 2014 along the lines of ‘Swachha Bharat’ program, initiated by our Honorable Prime Minister. The volunteers took up cleaning of the weeds and plastics in the campus, Display of Placards and posters regarding Swachha Bharat. The volunteers also cleaned the notice boards, created awareness among others, cleaned the campus, etc
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    Img79 d6c9311832a0501a1623baee1c151a4d5de88d555db2ca8f87ab754b41cdfff4
  • About 50 volunteers participated in a rally at Sri Kantareeva Stadium, Bengaluru on the occasion of National Disaster Reduction Day on 2nd February 2015
  • Organized a NSS Special Camp at Sneha Vriksha International Public School, Thippasandra, Magadi Taluk from 2nd to 4th April 2015. More than 50 NSS volunteers and 4 Faculty members educated the villagers on the misuse of plastics. A FREE MEDICAL CAMP with support from Lions Club, Akshaya, Bengaluru was organized. More than 100 persons from surrounding villages benefited from the free medical camp. The Philanthropic doctors from the prestigious Lions Club conducted FREE Eye Surgery for the needy patients.
  • The NSS volunteers cleared the entire village of plastics and other non-biodegradable materials and emphasized the need for a plastic free village
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    Img84 bcab0ffa857c7f7dac407482b75f7823a8d6eb549bd7f971f9df5d617c4dac4e
    NSS volunteers in action during the Special Camp
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    Img86 d0b5bbb7e05f1bf0093472862c469ed2d4736548934608b340651a8e4fe6ee53
    NSS Volunteers with the inmates and the NSS Program Officer at Saraswathi Orphanage
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    Img89 d76224caaae5ca05b8da8b7d8a540ad4a68f3d8bd32b913b681235ef26f2b26c
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    Img91 1a367b8271a7d366add3ea4f4eb6e2b42d1747162974f119a05b369479bf18dc
    Photos of NSS Special Camp from 2nd April to 5th April 2015

Following are some of the activities organized by the NSS Unit during 2015-16

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Img94 7af10fb4cda2b0d576a829e9d83f404158f04414f7cb36112a74a3ae1d96aff5
Self Defence program for women on 24th April 2015
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Img96 9457e22f714923ce06b25a34a4730a0efe0ebc5288b2b88342be0f1646011bc1
Yoga Training program on 21st June 2015
Img97 91111132ddecedf8e95e7babd4e7909b6a84eb2c68d96ccddef6f7c486ad2f89
Img98 f65912f2ef8d7e82cb6cc180b832ebf6f15f3b1d740dec5b5d83509f03a6a929
Voluntary Blood Donation camp on 22nd September2015
Img100 1c8d81ac8de4a28675d7eea59755eed61ee66fa9b008028045e1445b59b204df
Img101 5ff172c8d63a7f747748129364a02f642b28d19704c82d565d03b2bdac2822d8
Donation of new clothes and gifts for the children of Saraswathi orphanage on Children’s day and Deepavali
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Img103 97e786f3d193512a8885a68b05cf33613bfd7d12a9db948fcdbc2b2c48f4456c
Img104 ce2a13f41622e31e346fb0e3918ca7567548722fa993e0a98882f535ff4809de
Img105 1bb2512a12e745b0e476444a1536817c9e007c95a515e02ea95ca53790775dcc
Img111 c983c10a879a83d4dbe8e77f4b13c6e7e5a5eb268ce2628728b0e12acf72214f
Img112 de958c696eb8c646cc04b5486751c61bf2892d491fddbe772a4615b440aaf521
Special camp at Gamkarnahalli, Madhugiri Taluk, Tumkuru District, 24th to 27th March 2016
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Img114 c6c18e6ed8c2cdc50f67acc71305a943420def7ff1e6434d163c4510818147ab
Yoga Demonstration by ISHA Foundatation on 25th June 2016
Img115 d2acd63b391178b3bb1dde8f04205934c51ac8e28741150f7fc8daecc1b98695
Img116 ba93b50731fa26dedf05248ddc773a43c7253500895dd96095cdd5186c581d3d
Visit to the Home of Hope by the Principal and staff on 13th August 2016
Img118 275dfeda761002fbc083641216ea27abcfe199ab031315b8432cd8db040a1526
Img119 64f097d6509c965e10ee26a7703061fcefabf3e72d23da5caccf978c032c3284
Img120 039c72d1ca64cea96893d1d030209477c81bad414e7ca5a20ab06a5d8eb38098
Img121 537b180eda8cbf29a5558405f2c0355670fbe461fbd2d6bf0c6d609e75cdcc2a
Visit to the Home of Hope by the Principal and staff on 13th August 2016