Outreach Activities

Outreach Activities conducted by Department of Chemistry

• Conducted outreach activity to PKB high school, Marasandra, Bangalore.

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Outreach Activities conducted by Department of Computer Science & Engineering

  1. Conducted Two Days Outreach Activity On “Concepts of Computer Basics, Hardware and Training on MS-Office” for the Students of Navachethana High School, Singhanayakanahalli, Bengaluru Organized by Dept. of CS&E.

    Date: 21st and 22nd June 2017

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  2. Conducted 3 days outreach activity on “Employability Skills: IT literacy” for the students of Govt. Industrial Training Institute , Doddaballapura in Dept. of CS&E.In this activity a total of 29 students has attended and the session included Concepts of Computer Basics, Software, Hardware, Networking , Internet and training on MS-Office has been imparted

    Date: 3rd,4th and 5th July 2018

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Outreach Activities conducted by Department of Civil Engineering

  1. Dr Jagadish Vengala gave a talk on ‘Eco-friendly Housing Structures’ to Members of Eco-club at BMSIT&M on 24th April 17. (Number of beneficiaries: 60)

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  2. Faculty from the Department of Civil Engineering have planted and watered saplings near the New-Lab Block on 22nd April 2017, to celebrate the cause of World Earth Day

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  3. Dr Rajesh Gopinath (Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering) was the Chief Guest for the valedictory ceremony of NATURE-4 (Nature Watch's 4th Inter-Acharya Student’s National Conference on the Unknown Realms of Environment) conducted under the theme of “Raptors: Birds of Prey” at Nature Watch, Acharya Institute of Technology, Bengaluru 107 on 9th May 2017. On this occasion he has delivered an invited talk on “Kites v/s Kites: The Perils of Kite Flying Festival on Big Raptors”.

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  4. Dr Rajesh Gopinath (Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering) has delivered an invited talk on "Corporate Social Environmental Responsibility" at Dept. of MCA, BMSIT&M on 13th May 2017.

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Outreach Activities conducted by Department of Mechanical Engineering

• Skill Development Through Hands On Activity Conducted by Dept. of ME

We have organised a one day “Outreach Activities” programme for 10th Std. students of PKB High School, Marasandra, Bengaluru (Rural Area) on 15th June 2017 at BMSIT&M Outreach Activities (ORA) at Mechanical Engineering Department is designed to engage children of Govt. High Schools from nearby villages on a wide range of mechanical engineering topics that will inspire them to become the Next Generation Engineers.

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ORA were conducted on the following topics.

  • Physics and Chemistry lab visit (Demonstration)
  • Mechanical workshop (Metal cutting tools and metal joining process: Hands-on training )
  • Machine shop (Demonstration)
  • Hydraulic pumps and Turbine ( Demonstration)
  • I C Engines ( Demonstration )
  • Physical Education (Sports club)