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e-Yantra Lab(eLSI) Inauguration

e-Yantra, a robotics outreach project hosted at IIT Bombay and funded under NMEICT* by the Ministry of Education, Government of India. e-Yantra initiatives complement the largely exam oriented Higher Education systems in India by “Project-Based Learning (PBL)” capabilities to render young engineers able to address real problems in society. e-Yantra encourages a "can do" attitude amongst students, that prepares them for a career in research or as technology entrepreneurs. Students are encouraged to use robots to solve “real-life problems.

The project is where practical engineering skills get honed. Most good postgraduate engineering schools often quiz entrants about their technical competence, by discussing their BE project experience. e-Yantra naturally lends itself to motivating exciting BE projects where students can learn a lot through ‘Project-Based Learning’ with the robots.eLSI fills the gap in facilitating good BE projects, by setting up Robotics labs at colleges and training teachers.

Indian TechKeys Inauguration