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Research and Development

Research Areas

--- Image Processing and Computer Vision
--- Internet of Things
--- ComputerNetworks
--- High Performance Computing
--- Network Security


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering undertakes continuous process of setting up experimental and Computational facilities for taking up consultancy and Research and Development activities in various fields of Specialisation. Thelabsare equipped with specialized software and computingfacilities, and carry out work on various projects in their research area.


Dr. Anjan K
Best Ph.D. Thesis award for the academic year 2016-17 by BITES on the thesis titled “Implementation of Effective Detection Mechanism andBehavioral Analysis of Hybrid Convert Channel in Secured Communication “awarded in 2018.

Dr. Sunanda Dixit
Adarsh Vidya Saraswati Rashtriya Puraskar, National Award of Excellence from Global Management Council August 2019.

Patents Applied

--- Applied patent on “Movement coordination for specially abled people” by Dr. Sunanda Dixit.
--- Applied patent on “A Design And Method For Automatic Pet Watering And Food Feeding System UsingIOT “ by Dr. Mahesh G

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